About Vision Research

Our independent fundamental research helps identify non-consensus investment ideas for our clients.

Our History

Vision Research was formed in 2004 with the vision of generating the best possible fundamental analysis and investment research for mid cap US equities. In 2008, we broadened our coverage to include mid/large cap US stocks.  After researching a few ideas outside the US each year for a number of years, we launched VR Fundamental to focus on non-US equities at the end of 2015.  A SPAC-focused database and research product was also added to VR Fundamental in 2021 and concluded in 2023.

Our Approach

Our investment ideas are sourced from multiple angles, including quantitative screening, qualitative screening through the use key word screens of various types of documents, and daily reading, alternative data sources, research and observations. Some initial due diligence researching these equities yields a pool of companies that forms a watchlist that is less than 5% of size of the original list of tickers.  Analysts then dedicate substantial time to fully vetting these ideas, resulting in ~50 page slide deck for an individual equity.

Our Team

Our team includes Certified Public Accountants (CPA) and CFA charterholders. Our personnel has vast experience in long / short equity, international long-only equity, fintech, management consulting, as a software engineer, and independent research.

Our Clients

Our primary target customers are institutional investors such as mutual funds, hedge funds, quant/systematic funds, and family offices. We cap our client base in each product to avoid both crowding and any detrimental impact to the stock price following initiation.